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Your website is a key component to your branding, marketing and sales process. Attracting the right audience to your website is an essential step to improving your brand and growing your sales. Have you checked lately to see if it’s doing its job? Are you doing what you can to help Google to direct the right people to your website? Effective SEO is critical to increase relevant traffic to your website, and our SEO audit will let you know how you’re doing. It will highlight your strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, detail strategic steps that you can take to improve your SEO and attract more prospects to your website.

Increase your website traffic and attract more qualified leads with smarter SEO. Our audit and report includes:

  • Consultation and determining appropriate goals for website traffic
  • Facilitated session to determine target audience, as well as keywords and terms
  • Evaluation (analysis and report) of your current website traffic and SEO initiatives
  • Evaluation of selected competition and the industry as a whole
  • Proper set up of Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools (not including Google Goals)
  • Specific recommendations on how to improve your organization’s use of SEO
  • Strategic recommendations on how to leverage SEO practices and Google tools to help achieve your corporate goals
This comprehensive assessment takes 8 weeks and is designed to provide you with information at a pace that you and your teamcan review and absorb it… and act on it!

Getting Started: 
Online Questionnaire and Intro Phone Call (30 min)

This Is What You Get: 
  • Report 1 – Current Performance
  • Report 2 – Technical Site Audit
  • Report 3 – On-Page Content
  • Report 4 – Internal Links
  • Report 5 – External Links
  • Report 6 – Mobile/Social
  • Report 7 – Geographic/Language
  • Final Full Report Implementation Recommendations
  • Meeting to Review, Q&A, Implementation Recommendations (60 - 90 min: In-person or Remote)

This is a comprehensive and professional audit with recommendations that you can implement immediately and improve your SEO. We’ve developed this package to be affordable and manageable — start growing your business with smart SEO tactics.

We'll help you attract the right visitors to your website.

Simple form: no hard questions, no trade secrets.

We'll contact you promptly to set up a time to chat over the phone so you can learn more about the program and we can give you a fair quote. No commitment at this point.

Once you decide to continue there will be some work on your side, but we'll do the heavy lifting. You'll find out how your website SEO can be improved, and gain the knowledge and plan to succeed.

Let's get started:

We were very pleased with the professional services PROSAR provided when they performed an SEO assessment and helped us develop a strategic  SEO implementation plan. PROSAR also provided documentation and training so that we could manage ongoing SEO objectives.

                Nancy Fontanne  -  Marketing Manager at Chipworks

The PROSAR SEO Audit provides the underlying strategy and even specific tactics that will improve your search rankings, generate more website traffic and increase qualified prospects. We can help you get oriented and provide a structured plan to succeed with your SEO. (So scroll back up and complete the form.)

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